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Starting a property management company used to be hard.
We're making it easy.

The opportunity

Why We Love Property Management And So Should You

Contractual recurring revenue. Sticky clients. No inventory. No accounts receivable. Negative working capital. Low capital expense. Easy to sell.
Launch pad for doing deals. Great cashflow.

I'm Peter

I’m the co-founder & CEO of RL Property Management, a 700 unit residential property management company in Columbus, Ohio.I've spent more than a decade fine-tuning the playbook for running a world-class Property Management company - and I want to share it with you.

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How We Help

We want to share our world class operating model with you and set you up for success.- Hundreds of SOPs, vendor lists, software guides, videos, templates, and more that help you launch your property management business faster and more effectively.- A range of optional shared services to take a lot of the "grind" out of running a property management business. We've been doing this for 10+ years - why not take advantage of that?- A community of new & experienced operators - swapping tips, answering questions, distilling best practices. Launching your property management company doesn't need to be lonely.

Borrow Your 10,000 Hours

We've made all the mistakes, so that you don't have to

We want to give you the "cheat code" for starting & growing a property management business - and show you exactly how we calmly and effectively manage ~ 700 units

Let's do This

This is how launching your property management company will feel.

We like to play long term games, with long term people. Let's get to know each other - and see if we can do business together.

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